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Packages That Care - Send a Special Package that will make your Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, and even a friend smile, and remind them how much they are loved!

Even if you can’t be there, you can still show you really care.

Life goes so fast sometimes. Weeks turn into months and sometimes you look at the calendar and wonder where did all the time go?

Between the hustle and bustle of day to day life, something will remind us of the older family members that have done so much and meant so much to us in our lives and now reside in a senior care, senior living community or are on their own. In these few stolen moments we perhaps replay a fond memory or just a reverence for all they have done for us.

Often times we let these moments pass by without letting these important people know that we think of them and appreciate them more often than we can come to visit them. This is why we created Packages That Care.

There’s something about receiving a surprise package in the mail from a loved one that inspires excitement. Just knowing you took the time to do this, makes them happy and feel loved… And we all love that warm fuzzy feeling.

But when you have older loved ones that stay in a senior care community or live alone, it can be difficult to know what to send. Sure, a card is nice but then it just sits there in a pile and flowers are temporarily pretty, but what about a package that will make their eyes light up? Or make them chuckle in delight?

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Why Send a Packages That Care Box?


You Miss Them

Have you always been close with your Grandparents and now find it harder to visit or call them as much as you once did? Don’t let precious time pass you by. Remind them that they are still #1 in your heart with a Packages That Care Box.


You Worry

If you know your senior family members are not as stable or healthy as they once were, it is natural to be concerned for their welfare even if they are living in an assisted facility. At Packages That Care, we always keep your loved ones’ health and happiness our number one priority when selecting items for our boxes. For this reason, we never send food products, supplements, or items that can cause physical harm when used properly. When you send a Packages That Care box, you can rest assured it is filled with only goodness!


You Want to Send the Perfect Gift

Racking your brain over what to get your Grandparents? Instead of guessing, send a Packages That Care “Classic” box filled with our tried and true items, guaranteed to please even the toughest critics!

You Feel Guilty

Has it been forever since you last reached out to your Grandparents? Worried if they are upset at your absence? We understand wholeheartedly. Many of our senders use Packages That Care box to break the ice and make the next, “Hi Grandma!” call, one to anticipate.

Choose From 4 Boxes


Not sure what to get Grandma and Grandpa? No worries! We’ve curated the “Classic” box just for senders like you. The “Classic” box contains “tried and true” favorites that is easily loved by most seniors.

Contents may include items such as: Dancing Ornaments, Puzzles, Activity books and DVDs.

To see what Subaholics had to say about our “Classic” box, click here.



They say laughter is the best medicine and so we created a package full of the good stuff! Send your loved ones a package of laughter, smiles and entertainment guaranteed to keep their spirits up!

Contents may include items such as: Puzzles, Laughing “Happy Pill”, Activity Books, Games


Health & Beauty

Let Grandma feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside! Packages That Care’s “Health & Beauty” box offer items that help female seniors age gracefully and naturally.

Contents may include items such as: Lotion, Lip moisturizer, Massager and Hair products.



Created for seniors that lead an active life, this box is filled with items that promote and support healthy lifestyles.

Contents may include items such as: Pedometer, LED Flashlight, Water Bottle, Stress Ball


How Does It Work?

We carefully select items that your loved ones will find useful and entertaining, and perhaps, just a little bit fun and silly.

Choose From Our 4 Boxes

Health and Beauty, Active, Fun, and Classic.

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Your first box is sent out within 10 days. Recurring shipments go out around the 25th of the month.

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