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For every senior that receives daily support from family and friends, there are many more who never get the chance see their loved ones, hear their voices, or share new memories with them.

Our Giving and Sharing program is your chance to make a big difference in their lives. By sending Packages That Care to one of our pre-qualified recipients, we guarantee you will fill their hearts with more joy than what we can ever fit into our PTC boxes.

How Does It Work?

The Giving and Sharing program recipients have been selected with the help of senior facility caregivers and social workers who are familiar with their living and care situations. Many of them have no living family members, have financial difficulties, and some have been abandoned altogether.

If you would like to donate a box to our seniors in need, we have discounted our retail boxes to just $29, which includes all shipping and handling as well as your customized message to our recipient. You will receive the first name and city/state of your care package recipient and for security purposes we will keep your information private.

Thousands of seniors are waiting for your help right now. You can make a difference.