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Grandmas are like moms with lots of frosting...

- Author Unknown

When Joshua Abrams was a little boy, he and his grandmother became the best of friends. As most grandparents do with their little ones, they formed a special bond filled with memories of good food, laughter, and the warmest of hugs. To Joshua, grandma was a magical figure called "Nana" who could always make him smile.

When "Nana"'s health started to decline and she was no longer able to live on her own, Joshua and his father helped her move into an assisted living facility just a few miles away from their own homes. Every week, Joshua came by to visit "Nana", taking a few hours to play cards with her, sometimes a round of checkers, and to just catch up as they always have in the past.

While on his visits to see “Nana”, Joshua noticed seniors who never seemed to have any visitors. He learned many had children who lived too far away, some had family members that were too busy to visit them regularly, and some did not have anyone left at all. Knowing how much his “Nana” appreciated being near her family and friends, Joshua was deeply impacted by those who were unable to share the same experience with their loved ones in their sunset years.

In 2010, Joshua's grandmother passed away but the valuable moments spent with her was neither forgotten nor wasted. The precious time shared with "Nana" in her last few years surrounded by seniors without close family members was Joshua's inspiration for Packages That Care, a unique subscription based gifting program for seniors who deserve recognition and reminders of our thankfulness and love all year round.

We hope you will take the time to send your love to your special Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or elderly friend today. After all, they have spent many more years thinking of and caring for you! Show them you are forever grateful with a package full of care.